Aditya Pachpande – Child Prodigy, Young Innovator and Entrepreneur

About Aditya Pachpande

Aditya Pachpande is young innovator and entrepreneur. He is the founder of NextGenInnov8 Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. – a company dedicated to spark the power of innovation in every child and committed to bring innovative solutions to the world. At a young age, Aditya is a force to reckon with in the field of education and innovation. His most notable contribution being the creation of the Suraksha Box – a UVC light sterilization box, which has been certified to protect against COVID-19.

Suraksha Box

Suraksha Box is a UVC Light Sterilization box. Created by Aditya, the box is used to sterilize food and essential items.

Suraksha Box has been certified to protect against COVID-19

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